Reggie, the naughty one!

Published on 27 Feb 2020

I have learned that the only one that can give Reggie a command and he will obey is Evan.
Reggie and Tilly were up by the vineyard shed, having a sniff around. Whilst talking on the phone I became distracted and Reggie took full advantage of this and decided to go exploring. Tilly thought it was a fabulous idea and decide to go along and see what might eventuate.
First stop the lake, where both dogs took a little dip as it was a warm day, next a meander through the bush vine Grenache and then up to the Shiraz. The whole time I am calling him using a commanding voice, a cajoling voice and finally a pleading voice. Reggie always managed to be about three feet out of my reach, just enough distance for me to still see the disdainful look of pity he was sending me. By now all my hope of catching him or him actually obeying a command had completely dissolved, I thought i would be walking around the vineyard for hours!!
How was this resolved? I called Evan who drove up the vineyard driveway, one call and Reggie was by his side……..
he was in trouble for taking off, but, I don’t think he was too concerned.