Harvest 2020

Published on 27 Feb 2020

Well, it’s that time of year again, Harvest time!
Sugar level check of all the Shiraz blocks this morning, using a refractometer, revealed some blocks are close to being ready for harvest, which is typical timing for our Stonewell location. We measure sugar level in baume’, which is directly proportional to alcohol level in wine. Typical target is 14.5 baume’. This is only one metric for determining being ready for harvest, but is a key indicator, along with flavour, colour, ph, and titrateable acidity. Perfect ripening conditions at the moment with day time temperatures between 25-32 deg C.
Final wash of the harvester and we’re ready to go.
Bye bye sleep, see you on the other side of harvest!
If you are lucky enough to be staying with us over the next month, you are welcome to come out and be involved with harvest.