Yayyy for Rain!

Published on 18 Feb 2020

Friday night was welcomed with the beautiful sound of 23mm of steady rain! Our Shiraz vines are just going through ‘veraison’, which means the grapes are developing sugar and colour. While the rain was welcome, too much rain too quickly at this stage of the growth cycle can cause the grapes to suck up too much moisture too quickly, causing them to split. That wasn’t the case though, it was just the right amount at the right fall rate! A nice low humidity cool breeze the day after was also perfect to dry the leaves and fruit, to minimise the risk of disease.
This week brings mild sunny temperatures 25-32deg C, optimal conditions for ripening. Everything looks fresher now, including our new young native plants!
3 weeks to harvest! Hope to see you soon at our beautiful part of the Barossa!