Winter in the Vineyard

Published on 18 Jul 2019

We have been lucky so far and Jack Frost has only made a minor appearance, we have also had some winter rains which the subsoil desperately needed, however, we will definitely say a big “YES” to more rain!  Although everything looks green, looks can be deceiving as that is not necessarily an indicator that there isn’t a drought. To produce good crops we need good subsoil moisture. The rainfall for June was 53 mm and the long term average is 57 so we are pretty much on target. The way that rain fell came in two heavy falls which gave the ground a really good soaking. All the waterways on our property are mowed and kept clear to allow the free flow of water to the dams.

Pruning is making good progress with approximately 40% of the vines pruned. Dan and his team will be kept busy for the rest of July as they move through all 28 hectares, pruning each vine, a highly skilled and important job as it sets the vine up for bearing fruit for the next vintage.