Whats Happening in the Vineyard at Harvest Time

Published on 31 May 2018

At Stonewell Cottages and Vineyards, Evan and Glenn have been spending time ensuring all the equipment is in flawless condition and will be running faultlessly the entire harvesting time. Vintage kicked off with the first pick Sunday night, the Grenache for Turkey Flat Rose. Evan was very pleased with a smooth run for the first pick and the great quality of the 14 tonnes he delivered bright and early Monday morning. Next to be picked will be Shiraz in less than 2 weeks time, which is the majority of the vineyard, followed by Tempranillo (behind the Hideaway), Old Vine Shiraz (next to the main entranceway) and Cabernet Franc (behind the Havens) and lastly the bush vine Grenache (next to Cupid’s). All the grapevines are machine harvested except for the 1970 Bush Vine Grenache and the 1960 Old Vine Shiraz, these are hand picked.  If you are staying with us during the picking season, we would love you to come and experience the harvest for yourselves. Depending on what we are picking, you could enjoy a sunrise view from on top of the harvester with Evan, a ride in his much admired 1974 Kenworth to one of the local wineries or grab yourself a bucket and snips and spend some time in the vineyard with our picking team.