What’s happening in our vineyard

Published on 31 May 2018

Vintage 2018 has run it’s course, the last grapes were picked on 29 March, just in time to be finished by Easter.  A years worth of work relying on the whims of the weather.  Now Evan can breathe a big sigh of relief, relax and have a well earned break before the next round of work begins. Autumn has begun, the colours of the vines are changing from green to gold, and some have already started to lose their leaves. The vines will be given a “big drink” before they “sleep” for the winter. Then, we wait for the rains and plant the cover crop early May. This is to maintain and improve the condition of the soil. Then at the start of June, pruning the vines will begin which takes several months of work, with much of it done by hand through rain, hail or shine!